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Frequently asked questions

What is stayforRewards loyalty program?

A unique and exceptional hotel loyalty program to reward members.

What is difference between stayforRewards and other loyalty program?

Members of stayforRewards loyalty program are benefited with 2xReward system, rewarded by hotel and by the stayforRewards. Members enjoy earning reward points for their expenditures at the hotel and also for being a member of the loyalty program. So, from the day you are an active member of stayforRewards, you will be earning loyalty points continuously.

How do I join?

There are a several ways to join stayforRewards loyalty program. You may enrol yourself on our website or while making a booking on our website. Additionaly, you can also enrol at the front desk in any partner hotel of stayforRewards.

Membership is free. Signing up for membership is an easy and simple process. Fill in your last name, first name, country and email address, accept terms and conditions and privacy policy and submit. Check your email for your membership details. The email address will eventually become the membership log in ID to access to stayforRewards account.

How do I earn stayforRewards points?

Members earn points based on their expenditures at hotel where the transaction is settled by cash or card payment. Most importantly a member earns points for an eligible stay (see 2.8). All active members are also periodically rewarded with stayforRewards honour points. In some exceptions stayforRewards may reward members with promotional or bonus points.

How can I redeem my reward points?

You can redeem your points by making a reservation on the stayforRewards website There no are limits to points spending as long balance allows.

How do I know my hotel reservation is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation email, that you can print and take with you for check-in. You can also check your profile on our website or at in order to see the status of your booking.

How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking any time from your dashboard. Just select a booking and click on “Cancel booking”.

Can I update my personal information?

Yes, you can update your email address, password and your personal information in your dashboard under "Edit account".

I forgot my stayforRewards account password. What should I do?

To reset your password, please click on the login button in the right top corner, and click on ''Forgotten your password?'' button below the login button.